Porsche Racer Hartley Reprimanded For Driving Being Less Awesome Than His Hair

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Brendon Hartley, a Porsche 919 racer with unusually good hair, received a formal reprimand for the big crash that took his No. 1 car out of the lead during the 6 Hours of Silverstone—and took the unsuspecting No. 86 Gulf Racing Porsche 911 out with him.


Let’s be honest, hair this magnificent hasn’t been seen in an automotive context since Mike Spinelli rocked his long, flowing locks the shade of used motor oil. The 6 Hours of Silverstone race stewards, however, deemed Hartley’s driving to be considerably less awesome than his hair in a statement. As quoted by Autosport:

You are reminded that LMP1 drivers are liable for the way they overtake slower cars such as LMP2 and especially LM GTE cars.

In this case, the stewards consider that Mr Brendon Hartley is responsible for the lack of caution and didn’t watch out before overtaking car #86.

Hartley tried to pass the No. 86 on the outside of a turn, but when the No. 86 car tracked out along the racing line to where the No. 1 car was, it didn’t work.

Please remember to keep your passing skills up on level with your hair, and thanks in advance.


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