The Porsche Panamera is a car made of juxtapositions. It can be fantastic to drive, but for many it is also very hard to look at. What if there was one that was great to drive and easy on the eyes?

Welp, problem solved. Here's the Panamera Sport Turismo. Are you drooling yet?

What Porsche has done is combine elements of three cars, the 918 Spyder in the front, the 991 911 in the back, and the Panamera in the middle to create this new concept. It is just stunning. It's low and sleek, and of course, it's a wagon, which any car nut worth a damn would geek out over for hours.

In fact, the body actually reminds me a bit of a 928, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Of course, since it's 2012, this is also a plug-in hybrid, which is what every good concept is these days. It has a total output of 416 horsepower from its supercharged V6 engine and small electric motor.


But who cares about what powers it when it looks this good? It's still a "concept" but that just means we'll only have to wait a little longer to see a production version. Here are some wonderful photos from our friends at Quattroworld.


Photo Credit: Josh Decker/Quattro World