Porsche Only Produces Two Identical 911s Per Year: Report

Did your two “best friends” just get matching, brand new Porsche 911 Targa 4s in Night Blue Metallic and mysteriously leave you out of the bonding ritual? Maybe you’ll go out and get the exact same car! That’ll show them. Except, you won’t, because when Porsche sees your vehicle order, it will already be so over it. Been there, done that.


Plant manager at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory, Christian Friedl, told Autocar that despite a 10 percent boost in sales, the company only makes two identical versions of a 911 or 718 per year. So even though you’re the one who introduced those two assholes, you will be the one left out of the Porsche posse, as they have started calling themselves.

Here’s Friedl’s words exactly, per Autocar:

[P]lant manager Christian Friedl says that it only produces identical cars “a maximum of two times per year”. The firm is set to introduce even more options, with Friedl claiming it will offer “the most personal car” possible.

What’s funny is that what Friedl said sort of sounds like Porsche would refuse to make more than two identical cars per year, but it’s hard to imagine that’s what’s going on here.

Not producing identical cars seems less of a brand standard and more a case of odds because, with 39 different versions of these vehicles and endless ways to customize, it’s pretty easy to get creative and pretty hard to get perfect matches at random.

So instead of the same car, (so boring) get a much more interesting Porsche and leave your frienemies in the dust. For instance, a ‘Miami Blue’ Speedster with the complicated roof would be a great way to give the finger to those jerks, for instance.

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