If there’s one thing I’ve been impressed with during my first trip outside of North America, it’s HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT ALL THE WEIRD CARS WE DON’T GET. Porsche’s factory LMP1 team doesn’t just have a weirdo you’d never see in the United States, but they have a meme. One of our memes, to be exact.

I’m constantly amused at everything that comes with a manual gearbox here. Even our tour bus down from Paris had a manual. Driving excitement, in a bus! Okay, no, I don’t know why you’d want that, either, unless you were a total manual die-hard. You can’t really hoon a bus, although the attempts at hoonage would be a beautiful sight to behold.

It’s weird, wacky and unlikely, though. That’s why we love the manual bus. That’s why we love turbodiesels, the color brown, and other lesser known things. We, the automotive hipsters of the Internet, have a thing.


This catering van was along the same lines. Sure, it’s not a wagon, but it’s close enough. It’s a utilitarian conveyance meant for hauling delicious vittles to the race team. It doesn’t need to be a manual. It’s probably easier to deal with if it isn’t.

But lo and behold, this van came with a proper H-pattern gearstick, mounted high next to the wheel.


Porsche, your caterers are our people.

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