Porsche Cayman RS, Other Models in the Works?

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Pistonheads reports Porsche is preparing a boatload of new models to boost its bottom line in the wake of its major investment in Volkswagen and big-bux development of its upcoming Panamera. In addition to the models in development (911 Turbo Cab and Targa, 911 GT3 and entry-level Cayman) a stripped-down Cayman RS could be in the works for 2008. PH also speculates on new partnerships with Audi and fantasizes on a Porsche version of the VW R32 that would arise from the new association between the two companies. Take it slow, fellas; we'd expect the Porsche dream team to be pretty conservative about line expansion, though who knows what kind of family problem the VW buy-in was really about.

Porsche Plots Future Plans [Pistonheads]

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