Porsche Boxster Plows Into Spectators At Boise Cars And Coffee

At least eleven people are so far injured after a Porsche Boxster Spyder attempting a burnout ran into a crowd of people attending a Cars and Coffee event in Boise this morning, according to news reports. Though this one doesn’t involve the usual suspect, it’s another example of how a great car event can go south when people act like idiots.


While showing off, the driver’s Porsche lost control and jumped the curb into spectator on the sidewalk, according to the Idaho Statesman. So far five people have been taken to the hospital in ambulances.


As of now, the driver is cooperating with the police during their investigation and has not been cited, the newspaper reports. Police have also closed some of the surrounding roads so they can figure out exactly what happened.

This is not the first time that cars (usually Mustangs) have injured people at Cars and Coffee events. Attempting a burnout while leaving a car show is almost never a good idea and only makes the driver look like an idiot while putting other people at risk. At right at car events, people.

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Minor edit, but this “the driver’s Porsche lost control”

Should be “ the Porsche’s driver lost control”

Be real