Pork Swords And Ferraris: The New F60 America Is A Mess

It's hard for me to explain everything wrong with Ferrari's newest car, the F60 America, but I'll try. In a word, it's a mess.

The Ferrari F12 is a stunning car. I'm not going to say it's handsome or beautiful or graceful. It's more interesting than anything else. It's a car to stare at for a while. There is, for instance, no good way to photograph the through-the-fender slot that directs air from over the hood to around the doors.


But after a good long while, you keep coming to the same points on the F12: it's blocky, it's busy, and it's kind of ugly.

Ferrari just unveiled a new variation of the F12. It's called the F60 America and it costs a startling $2.5 million dollars. It is a celebration of the company's 60 years selling in America and like other 'America' Ferraris, it's a convertible.

More than just losing its top, the F60 America gets new styling. The thing is, if the F12's problem was being blocky and busy, the F60 America is only blockier and busier.

Look at how the front end is made to look even more bluff than the F12, with the grill sitting further in from the front, '69 Camaro style.


And look at the sides of the car — actually, here's a little exercise. Count the number of different creases and lines you see on this body, going from the top of the door to the bottom of the rocker panel.


Seven different creases! Even Hyundai isn't this busy anymore.

Honestly, if this was a Hyundai, if this was some kind of tuned Genesis, it would get laughed out of SEMA.


And that's where the pork sword comes in.


This F60 America has a hugely impressive badge and a hugely impressive pricetag. If you made a $2.5 million shit, people would still buy it. If you stuck a Ferrari badge on a wizard's sleeve. On a pork sword.


The Ferrari F60 America looks like the design team had a fart, and then that fart made a car. But who cares, its physical shell is just a $2.5 million tote bag for the symbol of an ultra-rare, ultra-exclusive Ferrari.

Photo Credits: Ferrari

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