Pope Francis just rolled up to America in a black Fiat 500L. Well.. he flew here, and then hopped in the stubby little Italian car. Look at him - he loves it!

This guy has a unique taste in the cars he gets shepherded around in, ditching the traditional Mercedes-Benz Pope-mobiles and opting for something a little more open last year.

When he’s not on tour he rocks a modified Hyundai Tucson, which is essentially a convertible SUV that isn’t any better than just a convertible car, considering he opted out of any additional attack-proofing.

The black Fiat 500L is supposed to represent the Pope’s stance on responsible efficiency and environmental protection (the 500L averages about 27 MPG, according to the report by Automotive News, not including armament), and also fits the fun, funky vibe Pope Francis is becoming known for - the black is so you know he still means serious business for his meeting with Obama.

Try to enjoy it as much as he is:



Go and do great things, Pope Francis.