Seeing someone illegally parked elicits unspeakable rage in me. Maybe that’s born from living in New York City or something, and it doesn’t seem like the Parisian police take illegal parking lightly either.

A 25-year-old man named Olivier went out clubbing last week but was unable to find parking for his Porsche 911, reports French news outlet Le Parisien. So, instead of searching for a parking spot further away and walking a bit (like a reasonable person), he decided to just park his car in a spot reserved for taxis and left the hazards flashing.


Later on, he apparently figured he had had a bit too much to drink and took a taxi home.

Meanwhile the Parisian police, on high alert for suspicious activity after a recent series of terror attacks in France, noticed the car and called in bomb disposal experts. “They attached a small amount of explosives to its bonnet and blew it open before ascertaining that there was no bomb in the vehicle,” reports the Telegraph.

Olivier recognizes that he probably should not have parked in a taxi spot, but he is still “considering legal action against the police.” A bad Google translate of the Le Parisien story reveals that the Porsche was rented:

“I should not have to park the car at that location, recognizes Olivier preamble. But anyway: prior to determining operations, the police conducted the investigation, and even called me after contacting the leasing company with which I had rented. I explained the situation, I apologized and I told them I would go immediately on site to retrieve the car. Obviously they have not taken into account since I arrived, the trunk was already exploded!”


This scare comes merely a couple of months after a failed terrorist attack that involved a car filled with gasoline and parked near Notre Dame, which is why the abandoned Porsche with its hazards flashing drew police attention in the first place.

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