Poor Little BMW i3 Gives Up, Is Abandoned In NY Suburbs

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The 2014 BMW i3 is still in prototype form, and, perhaps moreso than many prototypes, much of its technology is unproven. That being said, who knows what led to the BMW engineer testing this one to just up and abandon it when it gave out, just sitting halfway through the side of a highway off-ramp.


Dylan, the fine and dandy reader that sent these pictures in, said that he found the BMW with nobody in it just north of New York City, off of I-684. He surmised that it must have run out of electricity, though as the i3 is a range-extended hybrid with a gasoline engine to back it up, I'm not so sure. (Edit: the range-extender is optional, so it very well could have run out of juice. It's been a long Saturday. That being said, this one's got two gas caps, so it looks to me like it's got the range-extender.)

Either way, I find it pretty funny that whoever was driving it didn't stay behind and wait for a tow. How much do you think a prototype (or early production model) like this is worth? And even though these pictures were sent in last night, do you think it's still there?


BRB you guys, I gotta go check something.