You know how a small dog reacts upon getting let off of its leash near a body of water? How the dog will do that excited little run-hop thing before leaping just slightly in the air and landing on its belly? Well, a Toyota Supra did that recently—except it landed in a ditch instead of a body of water. That’s not as fun.


Here’s a video from Dashcam Owners Australia on YouTube, which says in the description that everyone involved in the crash was OK and called the person driving a “very lucky lad”:

It isn’t exactly clear what happened, other than the car breaking to the left in the middle of a turn on what the video description says to be a Queensland, Australia road. From there, things got ugly. You can see photos of the aftermath at the end of the video above, which don’t look great for the Supra.

Good thing there’s a new “Toyota sports car” out testing these days to take our minds off of this tragedy, right? Poor thing.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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