Poor Guy Gets Robbed While His Ferrari Goes Up In Flames

Car-B-Que. (Photo Credit: 9 News Australia screengrab)

Tan Shukla was just going about his business getting money from an ATM when he turned around to see his recently-bought Ferrari 360 burning to a crisp. Some onlookers went at the car with a fire extinguisher, then stole the unlucky bastard’s wallet, debit card and laptop computer while he was distracted.

Firefighters in Sydney, Australia contained the blaze before anyone was hurt but as you can see, there’s not much Ferrari left from the conflagration. Looks like this was a gated-manual gearbox car, too. In case you were about to argue that a smoked 360 Spider is anything less than a true tragedy.


An understandably distraught Shukla told Australia’s 9 News “someone took my card and money and the laptop... I didn’t see what happened. The only thing I saw was, it was on fire.”

(Photo Credit: 9 News Australia screengrab)

You can sort of see one of the assholes making Shukla’s very bad day worse in the 9 News broadcast. A witness told the camera he saw somebody “make off with the computer and other items.”

What the hell, people.

Police are apparently investigating but the Daily Mail reports that the fire is not suspected to have been started criminally. I figure the car immolated itself out of shame from being forced to wear those wheels and license plates. Still, sucks that the owner lost his car and got kicked while he was down.


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