Police taser man in craziest video you'll see today

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Check out this dramatic video of a man darting in and out of traffic in Pontiac, MI and then getting tasered by police just a few hours ago. It's absolutely the most bizarre video you'll see today.

First, that a WXYZ TV crew happened to be right there when it happened. Second, because of what actually transpires. I mean, there comes a point, after you've hidden behind a tree, after you've run in a circle, after you've been stuffed into a police Chevy and after you've been tasered repeatedly where you just got to give up man.

Don't tase me, bro? More like: Don't CRAZY me, bro!

Just watch the video below, it's intense.

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Yep... another example of unnecessary force. At 45 seconds, the guy gives in and puts his hands behind his back. But it seems the cop is having trouble with the handcuffs... like he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. And as a result, Ms. Blond cop needlessly knees him in the neck... then they taser him which just riles him up.

Stupid and unnecessary... just like them driving on the sidewalk with their stupid police SUV.

The cops are lucky that his heart didn't stop given the number of times they tazed him.