Does Captain America work at the Texas Department Of Public Safety or what? Probably, and here’s some solid evidence.

In a police pursuit around Houston on Tuesday, a Fox 26 news helicopter filmed a police helicopter and a Chevy Tahoe SUV chasing a suspect around a field.


The helicopter, which looks like an MD500 (Houston Police operates 12 of them, according to Police Helicopter Pilot) swoops in just a few feet off the ground before backing off and letting the SUV try to get in closer.

The Tahoe’s attempt to PIT maneuver the suspect (apparently they do that to people, not just cars) fails, and a zealous helo pilot sprints into frame, helmet still on, tackling the suspect into submission.

We’ve all seen cops jump out of helicopters in the movies, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pilot bail out and attempt to apprehend an alleged criminal on their own.

Presumably, there was still somebody operating the aircraft or this particular pilot is really good at landing. Or they jumped out-mid flight in slow motion and the chopper exploded into a million pieces. We’ll never know because the news cam was zoomed in.


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