You can’t catch ‘em all if you’re too busy getting caught.

The York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada have uploaded video of their police helicopter watching silently from the sky as a mysterious car suspiciously wanders through a neighborhood. The pilot calls in the officers on the ground to intercept the sketchy car only to learn that they weren’t crooks—they were just out playing Pokémon Go. While driving. At 3 A.M.

Here’s the description from the YRP’s YouTube channel:

On Monday, August 8, 2016, at 3:23 a.m., officers in Air2 spotted a motorist in a Mercedes driving suspiciously in the area of Keele Street and Teston Road in Vaughan. The helicopter followed the vehicle as it drove erratically, then stopped in a parking lot off of Keele Street. The vehicle then started driving again, entering a residential neighbourhood where it stopped in front of a park. The car then started driving again making suspicious turns in the middle of the roadway. The vehicle was eventually stopped by police in the area of Saint Joan of Arc Avenue and Drummond Drive. Officers spoke with the driver who advised that he was just out to catch them all.

The driver received a stern warning from officers on the potential dangers of driving while distracted.

Since the launch of the Pokemon GO app York Regional Police has received a number of calls from concerned citizens who have recently seen groups of people wandering and gathering in places across the region.


There’s nothing more reflective of the state of our society in the wake of the Pokémon Go craze than when you watch the officer on the ground radio in that the suspect was only out trying to catch them all.

The clip ends with the pilot hoping the driver “got all of his Pokémons.”

Here’s the YRP’s hilarious followup public service announcement:

Via CarScoops