Police Find Dr. Phil's Predictably Boring Stolen Classic Car

It seems right that a guy with a state government worker mustache who gives bland advice in response to televised kvetching would have a '57 Bel Air convertible. It's a very nice car, but is also predictable and boring.


What's not right is that someone stole Dr. Phil McGraw's beloved classic this summer, leaving the good doctor feeling violated, as no doubt many of us who have caught glimpses of his show on TV have. Because boring or no, it ain't cool to get your ride jacked.

But the City of Angels' boys in blue found the car, which was one of 14 stolen from a Burbank repair shop by a classic car-thieving gang (who are these people?!). The black Chevy ragtop was a little scuffed up and was missing its original VIN number, but was otherwise no worse for the wear.

Several of the gang were arrested in connection with the theft. They shouldn't send them to jail as punishment, though. Why do that when they could just lock them in a room with Dr. Phil re-runs on the tube for hours on end? After that treatment, they'd emerge quivering, crooked-eyed wrecks of men, and would probably never steal again. (Hat tip to $kaycog!)

Photo credit: L.A. Sheriff's Office

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