Police Video From Inside The California Wildfire Shows The Horrifying Conditions Emergency Services Face

As the California wildfire continues to spread, rescue workers and emergency services have to push themselves through unbelievably dangerous conditions, as evidenced by a video released by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office sourced from a cruiser racing through the raging fire.


The visuals of the burning embers sliding over the windshield and massive flames flicking into the road in the background are terrifying, but what’s even more disturbing is the dispatch call that narrates just how hectic a situation like this can quickly get for responders. Here’s the video from the Sonoma Sheriff’s Office:

The dispatcher reports that firefighters are “unaware of which way the fire is going,” and that there are “so many fires they can’t really keep track.”


CNN reports that at least 21 people have died in the fire and over 250 people are missing. Many of the victims are believed to have been unable to escape or reach help in time, or unaware or asleep as the blaze began to spread Sunday night.

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