Police Chase Ends After Suspect Is Tackled Off The Roof Of A Bystander's Van

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Detroit police arrested an attempted homicide suspect after a wild car chase yesterday afternoon that ended with cops tackling him off of the roof of a Chrysler Town & Country in the middle of a highway.

The video shows the end of the chase, where the suspect fled on foot in the middle of a highway after his (what looks to be) Nissan Rogue got a flat tire. He ran into oncoming traffic and flew into the hood of the oncoming minivan, and then climbed onto its roof. The panicked van crept along the highway as police surrounded it, with one cop not hesitating to leap onto the roof and tackle the suspect down to the ground.


According to Fox2News Detroit, the suspect was believed to have been involved in the shooting of a woman on Thursday, who was left in “extremely grave condition.” The report also claims that police said the suspect was wanted for homicide, not attempted homicide.


When I first saw the video on Twitter, I had to double check the account because it almost looked faked. Forgive me, but seeing the frantic cops all waving their arms trying to grab the guy only to have him tackled by a classic Hollywood move is pretty bizarre.

Fortunately, no one else was reported injured from the car chase, and no other information on the suspect or situation is available. You can watch the whole chase play out below, but they cut out the van part, probably because it looked like he got ran over. Well, he did take a pretty hard hit.