Albany Police stopped a stolen car last Sunday and arrested the driver on felony charges. It was the driver's second felony charge in 15 days. And he's in the fifth grade.

The 11-year-old caught behind the wheel hadn't just driven off in grandma's car, which you might expect given that the car in question was a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis. He'd actually gone through an entire street's worth of parked cars, opening unlocked doors, stealing wallets, purses and cell phones before making off with the Mercury.


The police officer who spotted him was startled at the boy breaking the law at a 20-year-old level. According to a police spokesman,

[The officer] was amazed; like he was watching a 20-year-old. The way the kid would look out for police, the way he was quickly checking the door handles. Like he had done it 100 times before.

Fifteen days prior, this 5-foot-four, 120-pound 11-year-old was caught stealing $240 out of a cash register after spending two weeks befriending the store owner. A few days later he was out stealing from cars.

On his Sunday joyride, the kid spotted the cops and lit up the rear tires peeling out from a stoplight. Not knowing that a child was behind the wheel, police called for backup. Suspecting the driver was reaching for a gun, they quickly pulled the car over and ended the boy's 10-mile joyride.


He went quietly and was picked up by his mother. He now waits to be tried in juvenile court.

(Hat Tip to: Korn n' Cobb!)

Photo Credit: Mercury

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