Please Watch This Very Rad Drift Video

Every year after Formula Drift New Jersey, pro cars and drivers wheel themselves over to nearby Englishtown to run with the regular ClubLoose bros. Pro Bro Down, it’s called, and it’s a perfect mix of the newest tech in drifting and also total grassroots builds.


As such, it’s fun to see the whole thing shot on equipment that would have caught the early days of drifting that got all these drivers hyped on it in the first place.


It kind of puts everything on a level playing field, at least thematically.

Please enjoy the sights and sounds, put together by J.J. Boettcher at this year’s event.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Was any good video taken at this years event? Perhaps something above 120p? Was sound at the event blaring through gramophones, too?