Please Waste Three Minutes Watching This Drift Horror Date From The Bachelor

Great date idea — maybe not for this show. OK, maybe especially this show.

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Gif: Bachelor Nation, YouTube (Other)

I don’t watch The Bachelor on the reg, or at all. And I doubt you do either. And that’s seriously OK by all. But, I found something that might entice you to succumb to wasting about three minutes of your life by watching what some of us Jalops at the office have concluded is a semi-horrifying experience. It is, however, properly redeemed by its chaperone, one of my favorite people in the Motor Trend world: Tony Angelo.

Close to this time last year, professional drifter and Hot Rod Garage’s Tony Angelo made a guest appearance on Season 25’s The Bachelor to spend some time teaching the romancing couple, Bachelor Matt James and contestant Jessenia, how to drift in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. James in the segment declares himself an adrenaline junkie, whereas Jessenia appears to be on board while grappling with everything that has just and will happen.

That look... of semi-regret.
That look... of semi-regret.
Screenshot: Bachelor Nation, YouTube

I feel like you already know how this plays out. But please. I insist. Watch for yourself:

The car fared about as well as the end of this couple’s relationship in this episode: a little battered and beaten. Looks like James really seized the opportunity to lean into the drifting, crashing into multiple setups that looked to have been intended for the two to actually drift around and not into. The Bachelor also managed, in his wild ride, to break both sideview mirrors, and I honestly can’t make out what’s on the front of the car at the end. Is it cake?


According to Tony on his Instagram page, the whole segment took a crew half a day to shoot, along with a challenge (which explains the boxes and obstacles). All of that was then condensed into the few minutes you just watched.

Had a blast shooting on tonight’s episode of @bachelorabc with my guy @mattjames919 ! I can genuinely say that there was real love inside that car, but I think I was all of us lovin on those @dodgeofficial Hellcats. We shot a half day of lessons and a driving challenge which got cut down to about a min, but that’s showbiz baby! Thanks to @dodgeofficial for loaning some of the rowdiest cars ever built!


Anywho, while the tires were definitely smokin’, the couple was not so much, and Jessenia was sent home at the end of the episode. Honestly, she might have been better off. ‘Cause let’s be real, she clearly did a better job out of the two.