Please Note: Your Supercar YouTube Channel Is Garbage

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He’s all over YouTube: the bro with a handheld camera and a “crew” who makes a channel where he ogles supercars, including the ones he inexplicably owns, and then racks up the views and the followers to a pumping soundtrack of bad electronic music. How can you follow in his footsteps?


Fortunately, BlazinWRX_420 is here to also dodge the question of how he can afford a Ferrari. (Read: probably Dad. Or drugs. Or both!)

If your parents ever told you not to talk about money or flash your wealth around, look no further than the YouTube supercar vlog genre for exactly the kind of entitled dingussery they’re warning you about.

Take this video (yes, it’s satire) from Car Bros as a precautionary tale. The Fieroarri may be fake, but this satire on the trope is real talk. Don’t be Trevor.

[H/T MrDakka Needs To Get A Battle Car! Because yes, you do need a Battle Car.]

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