Please Let The World Rally Championship Race Come To Canada You Hosers

Canadian rallies: extremely good. GIF via CARSRallyTV

Canada isn’t just for chuggling maple syrup on a snowmobile while pretending to be the God of Snow. It also hosts incredible rallies, including some utterly brutal snow rallies. The only thing missing is the present-day World Rally Championship cars, and fortunately, the Rally Promoter Association of Canada announced that they have a five-year plan to bring them back.


They don’t have any specifics on where or when the rally will happen, but they’re hard at work to bring the WRC to Canada, per the announcement on the WRC’s website:

“We started looking at this idea in 2011,” said founding director Keith Morison. “Recently things have started coming together and we think this is the right time to put a real effort into making this idea a reality.”

The association will undertake initial investigations to establish the event foundations, supported by the Canadian Association of Rallysport, the sport’s governing body in the country.

“The next year will be spent meeting with a wide range of officials and potential partners to make sure this foundation exists. Once we understand where the support for the event is, we can then start fleshing out the details,” added Morison.

Canada has only hosted the WRC four times in the past, which, like the number of Timbits in my possession, is always too few. The idea of having the most insane rally cars in years run there makes me want to shoot poutine gravy straight up my nose in joy, and I’m not even from Canada.

You see, Canadians may be nice, but Canada itself will kick your ass, even in a rally car. Mountains! Trees! Lakes! Those are all kinds of scenic things you don’t want to drive into or fall off of. Take the highlight reel of cars eating snow from Rally Perce-Neige, for example:

One car even rolled and got filled with snow! That looks cold. And hell yes, I want to see WRC cars on those roads.

Look, WRC, if you’re not softer than a 36-roll pack of Charmin’s finest, you should add a Canadian round. Preferably in the snow, because we like that.

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Oh god please be in Vancouver.