Please Inspect The McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail Called Big Mac

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I believe some of you are already familiar with chassis number 24R since I reviewed it thoroughly last month. Now, it’s time for some proper McLaren F1 GTR porn straight from Goodwood’s studio.


Goodwood Road & Racing’s Chris Rosamond had the brilliant idea of borrowing these priceless cars from their owners for a few hours once they got shipped to the track for large sums of money, and luckily for us, those wonderful people never say no to such a polite request.


In case of the McLaren F1 GTR #24R currently owned by Paul Knapfield, we’re looking at a Long Tail originally raced in Japan until it was crashed, only to end up in the British GT2 championship after repairs and winning the GT1 title in 1998. At Le Mans, it finished fourth after a mighty Nissan R390GT1 two Porsche 911 GT1s. Big Mac’s active career ended after the 1999 British championship.

Since I sat in the car, I can tell you it’s one of the more battle scarred GTRs out there. But have a look for yourself! It’s glorious.

Who fancies a Big Mac now? How about a McDonald’s livery?

Photo credit: Antony Fraser


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