I am sure there are a number of Porsche dorks who are salivating over the color of this particular car, bronze like a desert sand, bronze like a museum bust.

I am also sure that there are a number of sports car dreamers out there who feel ever-so-slightly moved when the engine of this GT3 is zooted into place, its heart gently lifted up into its body, a golem that revs to 9,000 RPM.


And so too am I sure that there are those who see this video and only see its final moments, who look past all of the little people who are stepping in and out of the vehicle, attaching this and that, checking and double-checking, doing the repetitive work of assembly that only technically involves a car, and see the power slide at the end. They hear the engine sing, see the front wheels turn wind on a few degrees of opposite lock, and they imagine themselves in that driver’s seat, test track ahead of them, blue skies above, a few miles of fenced-in paradise they have no desire to escape.

In truth, all of these facets and aspects, robot arms and human hands, that come together to make a car. All cars share these qualities, from Toyotas to Porsches, just some evoke more feeling, make their liminal qualities obvious in how they touch on so many lives, businesses, industries. Though this Porsche video is particularly entrancing, you could trade it for a Corolla and the video would hardly be different. I guess powersliding a Corolla is a bit more of a challenge, but certainly if you gave me a full test track I could give it my best shot.