Please Enjoy Part Two Of Us Reading Our Hate Mail And Drinking Liquor And Wine

After the resounding success of our last hate mail reading, we really felt quite encouraged. So, we again decided to really fuck with our mental health, dredge up some fresh hate and read it out loud on video for your viewing pleasure. Pour yourself a drink, have a seat and enjoy.


In the interest of nothing but the fullest transparency, this video doesn’t mean Alanis King (RIP) has suddenly resurrected and returned to us. She hasn’t. We shot it about a month ago when the whole staff was in the New York City headquarters for “team-building,” “seeing Alanis off” and “eating lots of Korean barbecue.”

Which is why the beloved Jason Torchinsky also makes an appearance. Now, Jason isn’t a woman (not his fault), but that doesn’t mean Jason doesn’t also get his fair share of hate mail. People hate on Jason all the time! Mostly for his hair.


Take a watch of the video. Feel relieved that members of our braindead society still have time to feel and reach out to other fellow human beings with their thoughts, opinions and come-ons, whether or not we actually want them. (We almost never want them.)

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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Let’s hair it for Jason!  We love you, Jason, and everything about you!