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I’m going to throw a scenario at you, and if you don’t like it, you can throw it right back. Bear with me now, but if you heard the sound of massively loud jet engines, followed perhaps by an explosion or two, you’d only have one reaction, right? Definitely a jet truck, you’d think, and definitely not OH MY GOD A PLANE IS CRASHING.

But then, you are also a crazy person, and you don’t live in Springfield, Missouri. Because when they were confronted with that exact scenario, every rational human being thought it was a goddamn plane crash, according to the Springfield News-Leader:

Four ambulances, three Greene County Sheriff’s deputies, a couple of Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers, a firetruck and a few more emergency vehicles descended on a farm just east of Springfield on Monday afternoon.

Authorities had received a report of a possible plane crash in the area, so dispatchers — fearing the worst — sent a lot of emergency responders.

Yeah, just one problem. It wasn’t a plane crash at all, it was Shockwave, the name for a monstrous jet-powered semi-truck. And when Shockwave needs a good cleaning, as it did after it was run on a dirt course, the engines need to be fired up for a spell.

So you can understand how it sounds a lot like a plane crash, as in normal operation, Shockwave looks and sounds like this:

Yep, it’s pretty much the best truck in the entire world.

Photo credit: H. Michael Miley

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