Please Bask In The Total Genius Of Our Silicon Valley Ideas

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Silicon Valley is a beautiful capitalistic nirvana at the moment, where NOTHING IS NEFARIOUS OR WEIRD AT ALL WHY DO YOU ASK. But to get in on all that sweet, sweet venture capital cash, first you need ideas. We’ve got ideas alright.

Before we end up rolling in all that dough, however, we first presented our ideas to Jalopnik’s resident tech expert, Ryan Felton:

Image credit: Alex Lau/Jalopnik
Image credit: Alex Lau/Jalopnik

Ryan, I’m sure you could tell, was extremely impressed with our boundless genius and business acumen, and when we rule the Bay Area – nay, the WORLD – with an iron money fist, we will be sure to remember him at some point.

But besides torturing Ryan with our profound dumbness, we also compared the wild technology in a Tesla Model X and the honest, hard-working nature of an old Honda Civic, saw some original Bay Area automotive style, and saw the future of the past, when I got to drive a solar-powered car.

I assure you, that solar-powered car was one of the most miserable car experiences of my entire life.

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200 Touring

I finally had the chance to see the Falcon Wings in action a couple weeks back at the Portillo’s near my office. Caught my attention as that was the first time I’ve seen that in person and there was an older couple (late 60's at the youngest) that also have seen that for the first time, likely first ever for the wife Needless to day, she was a bit blown away by it.