Say what you will about the Lamborghini Huracan being a bit of an understeering beast, it still turns into an absolute wailing monster when it’s in the right hands, on the right road. And the “right hands,” in this case, means former Formula One driver Nicolas Kiesa. And the right road is the city of Roskilde.


Alright, alright, so you’ve never heard of Nicolas Kiesa, famous (?) Danish racing driver who spent one year with Minardi and one year with Jordan about a decade ago. BUT STILL, he counts as a racing driver. And you’ve also never heard of Roskilde, the 10th largest city in all of Denmark and a suburb of Copenhagen.

The real excitement, though, is that Lamborghini. The V10 simultaneously growls and screams, and unlike almost every other video of extreme speed, this one was taken at a local speed festival. Which means it’s not on a road designed for high speed. Which means everything is way, way too close. Which means the world is rushing by at the speed of hyperspace.


Which means this video is very, very, very, very awesome.


Watch it.

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