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Planes In Slow Motion Are Even More Beautiful

Sometimes you have to take a step back and slow things down to really appreciate the finer things in life. When we rush to make a connecting flight or cuss the long security line we overlook the technological marvel that aviation is. This video will help you appreciate the wonder of flight.


This video was shot at 240 frames per second, which allows us to view the intricacies or flying when played back in slow motion. Dramatic music helps too, of course. Have you ever noticed the position of the landing gears as you watch planes land? Have you taken notice of the tire smoke? Have you smelled the tire smoke? For me, it's a sensory imprint that will forever remain burned into my memory. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

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The Artist Formerly Known As...

Wow. I thought this would be merely interesting. But those shots of airplanes landing in the snow in slow motion, topped by that last shot of that Swiss A340 (I think) were spectacular. And, in this case, because the music didn't suck, it actually added to experience. I found this whole thing oddly soothing. Going to bookmark it.