A two-seater Piper Cherokee lost control and crashed into a Ford Ute shortly after taking off from Krugersdorp Airport, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Miraculously, out of the five people involved, no one was killed.


The light aircraft was spotted by the three passengers in the Ford Ute, who were rendered immobile by the sight of the plane falling out of the sky while traveling in their general direction. The Piper Cherokee hit head on, damaging the front end of the Ute and throwing the rear passenger out of the vehicle. The plane and its two passengers weren't as lucky. After the impact the plane erupted in flames, trapping them inside. Fortunately for them a passerby made the brave decision to risk his own life in order to rescue the two. They were taken to the hospital with extensive injuries, but are reported to fully recover.

The driver of the Ute, Monica Braganca, had this to say about the incident:

"I was thinking we were going to die, not one ounce of me thought I was going to survive. It felt like in a movie. I couldn't say anything, no one was screaming. I just thought it was the end, I'd never be lucky enough to escape it.

The scary part was seeing the faces of the pilots looking straight at us."

We guess that Ute really was Ford Tough. [via TheTimes.co.za, News.com.au]

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