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Pixar's Jay Ward Responds To The Unified Pixar Movie Theory

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Maybe you've heard about the Pixar Theory that got a lot of play last week (and this week, too). It's a comprehensive timeline and interlocking story that weaves together every Pixar movie into one coherent whole. It was developed by Jon Negroni, and possibly an anthropomorphic desk lamp that only talks to Jon.


It's an impressive theory, and there's certainly interesting evidence cited to back it up. It starts with Brave and works through all the movies to the future distopia depicted in WALL-E. It's fun to think about, but we, as humans, deserve to know if it's true.

To find out, I cornered Pixar's Jay Ward, the Franchise Guardian of Cars (I think he has a ceremonial sword that has that inscribed) and asked him, pointblank, if the theory is true.


I think you'll find the results enlightening. Pixar's PR folks weren't keen on us using the video I shot, so here's a transcript. Note that, in the video, he's having a good laugh about it.

JT: have you heard about this unified Pixar Movie Theory?

JW: Yes.

JT: What do you think about it?

JW: I think somebody had a lot of time on their hands. They may have had some other recreational activities...

JT: So would you go as far as to deny that there's a common thread —

JW: It's almost like the 9/11 conspiracy theories... it's like, really? No, the movies were sort of made in a different order by different directors in different times, in different places. It's cool that it all worked out that way, but it probably was not intentional.


JT: You realize everyone is going to just take this as proof.

JW: Yeah!

JT: The fact you're denying it just means that the little girl from Monsters, Inc. is the witch causing all these things —


JW: It was all thought out in the beginning. It was all Steve Jobs' master plan. It's all about selling the iPhone 6.