Pixar's Cars Tow-kyo Mater Spoofs Fast And Furious Toyko Drift

After getting 'moderfied,' our good friend Mater from Radiator Springs, proves he has an innate ability to piss off Japanese rivals in this Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift spoof. Enter Tow-kyo Mater.


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Leeeeena the Jalopchick

I enjoyed that way more than I think I should have. I also suddenly want to build an electric blue hot rod powered by a jet engine.

Did anyone else notice the sign flashing "LUG NUTS" "IN A CUP" over and over in the background? I kept waiting for it to say "TWO LUGNUTS ONE CUP" but it never did. Oh well. I guess that'll be the spoof of the spoof of the spoof.