Pitting An F1 Car Against A Superbike Is Completely Unfair And Totally Awesome

When you pit a Formula One car against a race-spec 1,000 cc superbike, the F1 car walks all over the bike. But, add in an extra lap for the car, and you have yourselves a great race and an even better video. This one surprised everyone.


An F1 car will beat any bike, any day of the week. The power, the weight, the grip, the downforce - we two wheelers just don’t stand a chance. But, given a few extra parameters and a few different tests, the conversation becomes much more interesting.

A few days ago, we told you about Guy Martin’s attempt to break the world record for top speed inside a silodrome for his Channel 4 show Speed With Guy Martin. This comparison, which pits Guy’s TYCO BMW Superbike against David Coulthard and his Red Bull Formula 1 car, is also for the show - which I’m thinking we need to find a way to watch here in the States.


During the comparison, they did a series of tests including a drag race, brake test, slalom course, pit stop challenge, and this circuit race. Unfortunately, only the race (above) and pit stop challenge (below) seems to be available on online.

The best part about the two videos is the relationship and obvious respect between Coulthard and Martin, as well as the appreciate from both camps about the strengths of the two vehicles. This is how motorsports enthusiasts should treat each other.

You can see more on the full episode here.

Sean MacDonald is the editor of Lanesplitter.

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I live in the UK and I watched this the other night when it was on.

Drag Race: Coulthard smoked guy. Really interesting to see Guy constantly feathering the rear brake to prevent the front wheel from lifting.

Brake Test: The car won hands down. 4 wheels, extra friction. No contest. Although Coulthard was genuinely surprised at how effective Guy’s breaking was.

Slalom: Guy smoked Coulthard! But the level of control that Coulthard had while weaving through cones was incredible.

The best part of the show was the comparison between the F1 car team and the bike team. F1 team had 10+ guys, multiple support trucks etc. Guy had his 1 mechanic who drove the bike to the track in the back of his van!