Pint-Sized Jaguar XK on the Way

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Jaguar is betting on the new, diminutive sport-coupe genre to go worldwide. The company confirmed it's working up a smaller, V6-powered version of the new XK coupe, likely to compete with the BMW Z4 coupe and Porsche Cayman, AutoExpress is reporting today. It'll use a similar lightweight aluminum chassis configuration as its larger sibling and also retain the front-engine, rear-drive configuration, and a six-speed manual. AE reports the coupe will share a development trajectory with the 2000 Jaguar F-type concept (pictured), and be much more driver-oriented that the more luxurious XK. Still, like most other good automotive news, Jaguar has not released a timeline for the coupe, meaning it could still back out of the project if it needs the resources to, say, save the company from bankruptcy.


Baby XK on way [AutoExpress]

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