Pink Floyd’s Drummer Crashed His McLaren F1 GTR

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This one will make your heart hurt. While out at Goodwood Circuit for the 75th Members’ Meeting on Sunday, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason slammed into an outside wall with his McLaren F1 GTR on a parade lap. Mason got out of the car and was walking around afterward.


Mason took the car on track for the GT1 demonstration on Sunday, in which officials waved participating cars onto the track with spacing in between each other. The commentators were discussing a Ferrari F40 when the camera view switched onto Mason, and one characteristically yelled “Oh my golly!” at the sight of the car spinning away from a wall. Officials red flagged the session.

Mason, who recently turned 73, is a fan of historic racing and this definitely wasn’t his first time at Goodwood. But he probably wasn’t expecting to leave Goodwood with his McLaren F1 GTR looking like this:

Mason discussed how special the street-legal race car was on the Goodwood live stream prior to to crashing it. He said in the interview that he doesn’t drive it often, but called it a “wonderful road car” and talked about stretching the car’s legs on the circuit.

You can find the demonstration at the beginning of the live stream for Sunday, if you’d like to see the aftermath.

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Headlines we decided were best not to use, in case you were curious about just how lame we all are: Just Another McLaren F1 GTR In The Wall, Dark Side Of The Hoon.