Four years after Bertone showed the world what they can do with an Autobianchi A112 and a bit of sheet metal, competing coachbuilder Pininfarina came up with this: the 1973 A112 Giovani. That means youth in English.

Based on the punchy (70 horsepower!) Abarth version, this car was all about going fast and having fun, while it also remained as easy and cheap to maintain as the mass-produced supermini. With its removable hard top, higher ground clearance and massive trunk instead of the A112's useless rear seats, the Giovani Concept looked like the offspring of a rally car and a beach buggy.


The basic shapes, the logo acting as the hole on the radiator grill and the plastic bumpers were all used in order to achieve the most cost-efficient production, while the A112's wheels , instruments, steering wheel, windshield wipers, door handles and windows remained to keep it simple for Fiat as well.

Despite getting great reactions from both the public and the press, Fiat decided not to put it into production, which makes the Giovani a Pininfarina one-off with an awesome photo shoot you would expect from the Italians in the seventies.

Photo credit: Pininfarina and Brian Snelson