Pilot Draws A Texas Longhorn Inside A Big Texas Outline Right Over Texas

Screencap via FlightAware
Screencap via FlightAware

Please cue the delightful wordsmith of our time, Xzibit: yo dawg, I heard you like Texas, so we put the University of Texas’ mascot inside Texas on top of Texas. Because Texas.

Xzibit A: a state inside a state. Screencap via FlightAware
Xzibit A: a state inside a state. Screencap via FlightAware

Friend of Jalopnik Jeff “Cow” Lawson drew the big Longhorn with his Piper Cherokee in a fun run out of West Houston Airport. Lawson also works for flight tracker FlightAware, so he knows the drill: any cool shapes drawn in the air will show up somewhere. (Here, in this doodle’s case.)


What’s even more impressive about the little outline is that it’s one continuous line, hand-flown and drawn without any autopilot assist. Lawson said that wasn’t his choice, however—autopilot on his plane is just broken for the time being.

The flight took two hours and thirty-five minutes and was around 307 miles long, according to the data up on FlightAware. It took off from West Houston Airport, which the Houston-based FlightAware team notes was recently entirely under a foot or more of water in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The airport has since reopened, not just for regular business but as a vital spot for rescue and supply flights to come in and out of the city. Neat.

As for the doodle, the University of Texas’ football team has tweeted their approval.

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