Piles Of Feces In Human Form Steal '62 Vette From Pacific Grove

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Oh, car thieves, why do you suck so very, very much? As you know, Pebble Beach was last week, and many car lovers came out with their beloved cars. One husband-and-wife team came out to the area (Pacific Grove) with their lovely '62 Corvette that they've had for 20 years, and found it stolen right from their B&B parking area.


Here's how the owner tells it:

Unfortunately, our 1962 Corvette (of 20 years), was stolen last night (August 17th, 2013).

We were in attendance of the Rolex Motorsports Re-union for the festivities. We stayed at a very nice Bed and Breakfast Inn located in Pacific Grove.

My wife and I went to dinner, returned about 08:30 hours.

Another guest at the inn arrived at approximately 09:30 hours and noticed the Corvette was not in the designated parking location.

They didn't think too much of it because it was still somewhat early.

Additionally, there were 8-10 people eating dinner not more than 20' from the car!!!!! Very bold on the thief's part!

Anyway, please be on the look-out for my car in the pictures provided.

The hood is very distinctive as well as the front wheels. The color is russo red and is much deeper red than appears in this photo.

This pic doesn't show the hardtop. Unfortunately I just placed the hardtop on the car after recently restoring the entire top!

A Police report has been filed with the Pacific Grove Police Department. PG1300883

Please contact me (owner), Pat 916 719-9442


There's not that many of these on the roads, so hopefully if it's on the road, some helpful Jalop may be able to spot it. Our track record's been good on rear-engine, air-cooled cars, now let's see if we can't work some power-of-the-Jalopverse magic for some classic American iron.

We're all hoping the car gets recovered quickly and in good shape, and I'm sure we're all wishing eternal pain on the valuless lackworths that steal cars, especially vintage family members like these.

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Not to dampen the mood, but judging the headline, I literally thought some pieces of poo had stolen a corvette. My mind would've been confused, and blown and the same time.

On a more serious note, I sincerely hope this beauty is returned to their rightful owners sooner rather than later. That's just not cool.