Photos of Ryan Dunn's final moments

In addition to the photo he tweeted out late Sunday night, TMZ has snagged a roll of shots of Ryan Dunn at the bar ahead of the "Jackass" star's tragic death early yesterday morning. While he certainly looks like he's enjoying himself, there's no evidence to suggest that he had so much to drink that he was unable to drive.


Which explains why the Chester County, Pennsylvania Coroner is currently conducting an autopsy on Ryan Dunn to determine, among other things, if alcohol played a role in yesterday morning's fatal crash.

Additionally, they're told the coroner is performing an autopsy on Ryan's until-today-unidentified passenger — who was also killed in the fatal car crash yesterday morning. Police sources now confirm the name of the passenger who was killed in the wreck was 30-year-old Zachary Hartwell of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Though Hartwell wasn't a member of the "Jackass" crew, he's listed as a production assistant on the second "Jackass" movie. He is reportedly a recently married Iraq war veteran who had a small role in the Bam Margera-directed 2009 movie "Minghags" and is credited on IMDb as a "car stunt driver" on the film.

As we previously reported, friends claim Ryan had six or more drinks before getting behind the wheel of his Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

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