Photograph of Murilee's First Car Unearthed!

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As Gibby says, "It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done." In my case, this painful truth comes back to sting me every time I want to write about some beater car I got for cheap back in the day- and there were dozens of such cars in my misspent hoon youth- and I realize once again that I didn't take photographs of any of them. Damn you, Film Camera Era! However, some of my relatives owned cameras and used them, and thanks to one of them I've managed to get my trembling hands on a circa-1982 photo of me with my Very First Car Evah! That lil' beige beauty is a 1969 Toyota Corona, which was purchased from the gas station around the corner for $50 when a customer abandoned it there. 1900cc engine, 4-speed, and snow tires!

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Rob Emslie

A beige Toyota Corona? With snow tires! You're lucky it didn't sap all the automobile-enthusiast energy from your soul. They'll do that you know.