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Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win ended predictably with rowdy fans pouring out onto the streets to celebrate. We celebrated with them when they destroyed an upscale hotel awning, got engaged among the madness, and even took away common traffic devices. But then they came for the cars.


Philadelphia Eagles fans have a reputation for taking “it’s lit fam” a bit too seriously, as fireworks as well as full-on fires were lit to celebrate last night’s win. It’s a town that preemptively greases down its light poles before big game weekends so people won’t climb them to celebrate. This time, they didn’t just climb the poles anyway—fans were straight-up hauling those light poles away.

Sadly, a few fans took this joy and merriment a bit too far and flipped over a car.


The car was parked at Broad and Walnut streets in downtown Philadelphia, per 6ABC Action News. Photos of the flip’s aftermath show it was outside a building called the Bellevue.


Barstool Sports mentions a Prius in their copy of the video making the rounds, yet other angles of the flip show that it’s one of Nissan’s anony-blobs instead. I suppose this is just one more indignity of driving a silver crossover: it will be mistaken for everything else, because it looks like everything else.

But even the dullest of silver crossovers don’t deserve this.


Be extra thankful if you park in a garage tonight. Alternately, if you street parked your crossover in downtown Philly in hopes that fans would set it on fire and get rid of it for you, I’m sorry: it’s merely scratched up on one side.


Fans also took to the roofs of several cars in the merriment, because of course they did.

UPDATE [2/7]: John Rigsby, a 20-year-old from Malvern, Pennsylvania, was arrested by Philadelphia police for vandalism and related charges, per The Root. He was easily identifiable in the video as one of the ones celebrating that they’d just flipped over a Nissan Rogue.


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