PewDiePie Puts Insufferable Supercar YouTubers In Their Place

GIF via YouTube

I have a hard time caring about supercars unless they’re being used for super-hoonage, so YouTubers bragging about sweet new rides they’ll only use to hard park in Monaco have always rubbed me the wrong way. Fortunately, YouTube star PewDiePie’s new ride blows all of those basic supercar videos away.


Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is YouTube’s most famous gaming Swede. Raking in the views means he’s raking in the dough, as you can tell by his primo choice of car.

Have you ever seen a ride so majestic in your life? There’s enough gross food inside to make him an honorary American, but if you’re to the point where money isn’t an issue, go on and wreck that exotic interior. Caring is for the poors. Eat up. You’ve earned it.

Any semi-famous, pumpkin-spice-latté-grade internet personality can go down and buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini just like everybody else. It takes a visionary to rock a Nis-són with extra clutches. (That makes it faster.)

These tires? They’re way harder than any of you boring supercar kids who crap your pants whenever the overrated Gumball conga-line rolls into town.

Come at him, bro.

Did your flashy base model Audi R8 attract so many ladies that it comes with its own anime pillow companion? No? Well, then go back, get some bread to share with strangers, and do better at life.


[H/T autoevolution]

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Bitches get hard when they see ma ride. I know I know I could of purchase a Lamborghini but this BMW has something a new Lamborghini doesn’t have... Rust! Lots of fucking rust! I love it :)