Can’t stand these future-of-the-car capsules, correct? They’re not for you! But give them to the people who knit sweaters while driving Camrys and us car geeks will have more space and more petrol.

Drag a car-like contraption straight out of Minority Report that climbs down the wall from your apartment, has never seen a drop of gasoline and very probably drives by GPS in front of an audience of petrolheads and the Peugeot lion on its grille will experience a sudden role reversal. Unlike its live ancestors in the heydays of the Roman Empire which fed on Christians and gladiators in stadia, it will soon find itself on the other end of the food chain.

Except consider for a moment the utility of concept cars like this, designed by Roman Mistiuk for Peugeot. One of the main problems with the modern automobile is that the majority of them are purchased and used by people who couldn’t care less about cars. Yet they use up cubic miles of gasoline, take up all the space and create a market for annoying nanny-features.


What if the people who solve crossword puzzles behind the wheel, stuck in rush hour traffic, could have pods like the Peugeot Metromorph? They could focus their attention on 4-Down, Common British butterfly. GPS satellites could guide them to their destinations. And cars would become like horses, freed from the need to serve a vehicles of transport and transforming en masse into vehicles for fun.

Source: Yanko Design