Rally legend "Hollywood" Petter Solberg's garage in Sweden isn't filled with top-of-mast supercars. Instead, it's all kinds of rally awesome only. It's tight quarters, so don't expect wide-angle imagery. But a glimpse of a fender sometimes speaks volumes.

By the way, that pink Amazon was once raced by Solberg's father-in-law, former Volvo factory driver and 1980 European Rallycross Champion, Per-Inge "Pi" Walfridsson.


During the tour, you'll see he's holding his cellphone. He's waiting for an important call regarding his fate for the 2011 rally season. Fingers crossed Petter!

You'll also see the Volvo 240 he acquired from his big brother Henning, which he worked over on the family's farm and rode it to the Norwegian Championship in both rallycross and hillclimbing. Near that is one of his recce cars, along with a Jag he bought for his father in law. One of his late model Citroen Xsara racecars also rests nearby, near a Lotus Seven he restored, and the Subaru Impreza in which he won the Great Britain rally in 2002.

Feast your peepers also on his Subaru Impreza WR1 Petter Solberg edition — #000 (co-driver Phil Mills has #001) of #555 — the Prodrive-stroked blob eye built to celebrate Solberg's driver's title in the 2003 World Rally Championship.

FYI. He's building a brand new Pike's Peak car — more to come on that.

Oh and you won't see his white Porsche GT3 RS. It's in Monaco.

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