Peter Wheeler, Former TVR Owner, Dead At 64

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Peter Wheeler will be remembered as the man responsible for epic TVR supercars like the Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan and Sagaris. He passed away yesterday after a short illness at age 64. Autocar's Colin Goodwin has written a touching obituary. [Autocar]

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My fondest memory of a TVR was of a Tuscan. It was at Formula Student in (I think) 2002. The entire time the organizers had been on about 'being responsible and not cocking about'. Right after the awards were handed out my team was heading back to the pit area, but we were missing one person. Next thing we hear someone shouting "Light 'em up!!!" followed by the roar of a Tuscan (driven by a FS judge no less) doing a massive burnout. Running over to see we found the Tuscan absolutely engulfed in tire smoke and our missing teammate egging him on.

Giant smokey burnouts with roaring engines, definitely a moment that endears a car to your heart.