Person On Scooter Challenges Train Crossing, Loses

GIF via YouTube

What goes through your head before you try to drive through a train crossing barrier on your scooter? A barrier designed to be easily visible, and more notably, to stop anything from blocking or hitting the oncoming train. Anyway, this person tried and failed horribly.

Not only did one person go barreling through the train crossing barrier on their scooter, but just moments before, another scooter rider maneuvered around the barriers as they were being deployed, seemingly leaving his friends behind. Y’all are wild.

Here’s the video from an intersection in the Vietnamese city of Biên Hòa via Carscoops:

It’s nice, at least, to see the people scramble to help the person get their shit off of the tracks and move the barrier out of the way of the train while one of the crossing guards just kind of runs around in circles.


Even though you shouldn’t be driving through train barriers on a regular basis, it’s still a good idea to wear a helmet. I think this would have been a lot more of a mess had the bold scooter rider here not had his on.

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So you are telling me there are 2 people standing all day waiting for a train, so they can move the barrier?