Perfect Reaction To Huge Rally Hit: 'Ow, My Vagina'

Behold, one of the funniest reactions to a rally crash ever.

There’s a trick to the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood: don’t hit the wood. Oh, and enough about your “balls of steel.” They’re puny meat-sacks that are too easy to hurt. Now, if something’s brutal enough to produce vagina pain, you know it’s been a hard hit.

Team Conte is a husband/wife duo who campaigns a Subaru Legacy in Rally America. When the car went a little too wide out of a turn, it was jarring enough to make the wife’s first reponse to “Are you okay?” be “My vagina!”

Photo credit: Team Conte
Photo credit: Team Conte

Fortunately, the duo posted on the team Facebook page that they were both okay following the wreck, however, I think they might be in the market for quite a few Legacy parts.


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Am i allowed to laugh at this or is that sexist, misogynistic, nonvegan? Just want to be politcally correct