People's Curse Fails To Kill Diesel Benz, Once-Angry Mob Has Change Of Heart

We've seen some 24 Hours of LeMons People's Curses that destroy cars with extreme prejudice (say, the Salazar Racing BMW, or the Mazdasaurus Wrecks), but this time things went a bit differently. A sloth-like Benz diesel clogged up the track all day yesterday and the voice of the mob- no doubt channeling their witch-burning New England forebears- screamed for the sight of thrown rods and broken German iron. "Kill the engine! Kill the engine!" they howled, eager to slaughter the once-proud luxury sedan. But then… well, you'll need to make the jump to read UDMan's account.

Well, we just had the peoples curse, and this time there was a twist. The team who got cursed was team Stugots LeMons, driving an 80's vintage Mercedes 300 TurboDiesel, that in the words of Jay was a pig on the track. So, instead of crushing said car, it was decided to take the car, remove the oil cap, run the engine at WOT, while the other team captains dropped items into the engine. Things that were put into the poor engine included New England Clam Chowder, milk-o-magnesia, fabric softener, Heiniken Beer, a loose bolt, cleanser, and other things. You know what, the engine did not seized. And there was chanting in the pits "let ‘em race, let ‘em race, let ‘em race". And so they did.


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