Pedal-Pumping Should Probably Be The Official Jalopnik Sex Fetish

Human sexuality is a weird, weird thing. This isn't news, of course. We wrote about this particular fetish — Pedal Pumping — a long time ago, and what really is striking about it is that it seems almost tailor-made for our particular Jalop community: old, strange cars, pretty girls — why aren't we all wasting hours watching these?

I guess that's the nature of a fetish, though. As much as I love to see vintage Fait 500s and 126s and 2CVs and Beetles, whatever that leap that turns it from something head-interesting to something pants-interesting just isn't quite there, at least for me.


Still, thanks to the internet, we can know all about this subgroup of humanity, and since it involves so many cars I like, I figure it's my duty to keep you informed that it exists.

And, holy crap, there's whole YouTube channels of these:

The elements in these videos have that usual fetishist's penchant for details. In this screenshot, note the close-up inset of the exhaust pipes:

There's a strange element of irritation and perhaps a little bit of peril for the women involved as well — they're frustrated at the car, and really want to get wherever they're going in their slinky clothes and high heels. I'm pretty sure all of these elements are crucial to the true Pedal Pumping fetishist.

Check out the descriptions of these videos:

"Fiat 500 Cranking" (28:30 min)
- Fiat 500
- starring Stefanie
- in coat, white dress, black legging and high-heels with metal stiletto
- a lot of very nice pedal pumping scenes
- some picture-in-pictures scenes showing the exhaust system

"Cranking in the rain" (17:50 min)
- VW Beetle Convertible (Speedster)
- with Stefanie
- in jeans, brown leather pumps and leather jacket
- on a rainy sunday
- a lot of great pedal pumping scenes
- Stefanie tries to close the convertible top in the rain - but it is pinched.
- and the beetle just won't start ...!

"Fiat 126 Cranking" (20:30 min)
- Fiat 126
- starring Stefanie
- in white 3/4 jans, white jeans jacket, blue top and high open sandals
- a lot of nice pedal pumping scenes
- a lot of picture-in-pictures scenes showing the exhaust system
- the Fiat is stuttering and shuddering and will just not start
- during cranking the whole car is trembling ...!


I don't really understand the sexual appeal here, what with the attention on the car's exhaust and the whole car shaking, but it doesn't really look like anyone's getting hurt or taken advantage of, and if it keeps some of these old vintage cars in good shape (well, except for some carb flooding), have at it.


Also, I haven't noticed any men in these, so whatever it is about trying to get a reluctant car started seems to be something limited to people attracted to women. That may also explain why nobody's ever seemed that interested in me the many times I've tried to get an old, reluctant car to start. Other than that I should stop blocking that off-ramp.

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